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3 Reasons Why KinderPerfect is a Fun New Mom Gift for Baby Showers

cards against baby shower game

Cards Against Humanity Baby Shower Games

Make your baby shower a hilarious party for your friends and family with PG-13 card games like Cards Against Humanity, without the crass and raunchy CAH cards that will embarrass your conservative friends.

We think KinderPerfect is the parents party card game that has PG-13 family-friendly questions and answers for teachers, child care staff, and church groups that will rock your baby shower with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou – the triple treat of modern parenting.

KinderPerfect: Cards Against Baby Showers

buy kinderperfect gamesOkay, we are totally biased, but we think KinderPerfect is the best Cards Against Humanity-inspired card game for baby showers.

We crowdsourced every single card from actual parents to create a hilarious voyage of discovery for everyone from parents-to-be to grandparents.

Your baby shower friends will be screaming with delight as they answer questions like:

  • Why does mommy drink?
  • Why is daddy in time out again?
  • Before kids, I never thought about ______.
  • Science will never explain ______.

Get KinderPerfect on Amazon or if you need cards right now, download our print-at-home PDF!. Just do keep KinderPerfect out of the reach of children. Its an adult party card game.

The Smelly Shock of Baby Poop

Oh wow! Do you remember when the stink came to your baby’s poop? Science says that once a baby starts on solid foods, and their gut becomes colonized with bacteria,┬áthe poop will become larger and thicker, more like an adults. And the smell will start too.

Nothing generates discussion with new parents more than poop. That’s why KinderPerfect has cards about poop frequency, amount, color, smell, and chasing poop in the bathtub… again.

The Upchuck Reality of Baby Puke

Baby food doesn’t always agree with baby stomachs, and usually they then upchuck when you are trying to rush to a morning meeting, spraying puke all in your cleavage. What can you do, but love the little one, and go change your clothes?

Oh right, you can laugh about it with KinderPerfect after your husband does the laundry so you have clean puke-free clothes for tomorrow.

The Crazy Love of Bald Caillou

Experienced parents love to surprise new moms with a cold reality, Your children too will love Caillou, that whiny bitch! Yes, he is bald, and a brat, and your child will love him – even if he is Canadian. That’s a force of nature we all have to accept.

You can still drink to forget Caillou and you will not be the first. Our Caillou card was one of the first crowdsourced card ideas we received, and still one of our most popular cards!

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