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Want a FREE KinderPerfect Game?

We think KinderPerfect is a great baby shower game. It’s a fast, fun game to surprise expecting moms and new parents with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou – the triptych of modern parental terror.

At 210 cards, you might be able to get through all the questions in one party, but if you have friends like ours, where every hand becomes a whole discussion of cloth diapers and hand-made organic baby food, we doubt you can finish before at least one mother is pumping at the card table.

For example, what is your answer to these cringe-worthy new parent questions:

  • Before kids, I never thought about ______?
  • What is that smell?
  • Why does mommy drink?
  • What the f**k is that?!

We’d love for you to play KinderPerfect at your next baby shower, gender reveal party, and similar events to see if we’re right.

Get Your FREE Game Now

baby shower card gamePlease apply now to get a free KinderPerfect game. You only need to say yes to these four easy requirements:

  • You’re organizing a baby shower, or going to one, between now and December 31
  • You have your own blog with more than 100 followers
  • You promise to play KinderPerfect at your baby shower
  • You promise to write a review of it as a baby shower game, linking back to our site.

Yes, it is really that easy to get a free KinderPerfect card game to play at your next baby shower. Just agree to play the game and then write up an honest review of the game, with a link back to us.

We don’t even require a glowing review. Honestly, we’re mainly interested in knowing if its a good baby shower game, and how we can make it even better for expectant parent parties.

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