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What is Cards Against Humanity Black Friday 2017 Prank?

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday 2017

Cards Against Humanity plays a creative prank on Black Friday shoppers every year on the day after Thanksgiving. Ever since we created our “Cards Against Humanity for Parents“: card game, we’ve been wondering one question:

What will CAH ask us to buy for Black Friday 2017?

CAH has already been busy this year with fun card packs to make us laugh – and think. So far CAH released the following games and expansion packs in 2017:

  • Cards Against Humanity for Her: This is a stylish game for girls that is exactly the same game as the original Cards Against Humanity, just $5 more and in a pink case.  Why? Because girls are worth it.
  • Period Pack: Its their most absorbent pack yet with 30 brand new cards written while they were all on their periods. Best played every 25 to 35 days. Lightly scented to help prevent odors.
  • College Pack: To relive the days you were in college and ate ramen noodles and had sex all the time. Well, at least one of those. Contains 30 cards about throw up and blue hair and a special poster for your dorm room.
  • Weed Pack: This expansion pack includes 30 new cards about weed, Taco Bell, and mass incarceration, if you find that funny. We would rather get high before a playdate.

With those four expansion packs for sale on Amazon, we don’t think CAH will have another card pack for this Black Friday, but will look to do a prank like last year’s giant hole or the Super Bowl potato ad.

What prank do you think Cards Against Humanity will do in 2017?

What could be in the mind of CAH co-creator Max Temkin and his team of 10 co-founders? How are they going to prank us in 2017? Who is going to give them money no matter how crazy their idea? We are just as curious as you are!

To help you think about the Cards Against Humanity Black Friday 2017 prank, here is a look back a previous Black Friday jokes they’ve played on us all.

Maybe one day KinderPerfect will be so popular that we can have our own kinky KinderPerfect Black Friday Sale.

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday History

Let’s take a retrospective look back at the foolishness CAH played on the rest of us over the years. You have to love their creativity and dedication to the craft of humor. We only wish we had CAH’s chutzpah to delivery such crazy ideas every Black Friday.

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday 2016

In 2016, Cards Against Humanity celebrated Black Friday with a Holiday Hole – a massive hole in the ground for no reason whatsoever. When asked “Where is the hole?” they responded with the sad, and telling, “America. And in our hearts.”

Still, online donors contributed $100,573 to dig a giant hole (that they eventually filled up, for insurance reasons). Who would pay real money to dig a hole? Here is their top donor list – aka the biggest fools ever:

  • $1,750 – Robert in Sunnyvale
  • $1,003 – OneDollarBob in Baton Rouge
  • $1,002 – BlueDriver in Mount Pearl
  • $1,001 – TacticalGear in St. Louis
  • $977 – JP in Santa Clara

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday 2015

In 2015, Cards Against Humanity offered people the ability to buy absolutely nothing for $5. And yes, 11,248 people gave them $5. Even more shocking, 1,199 people gave them more than $5 by filling out the form more than once. One enthusiastic fan of the card game even went so far as to give them $100 for nothing. Cards Against Humanity made a windfall profit of $71,145.

The CAH staff spent the money on themselves – buying fun things from a Macbook Pro to a gold vibrator and lube – and donated to causes they cared about. We love that they were transparent with the money that American consumers game them for absolutely nothing.

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday 2014

In 2014, CAH went to a farm in Texas and bought enough pasteurized bullshit to package it into 30,000 boxes of poop, which they sold for $6. And game co-creator Max Temkin says all of the made-in-America bullshit was sold out in less than two hours. And then an aftermarket sprang up on eBay with people selling their “Bullshit” packages at a 600% markup.

Now it wasn’t all for naught. CAH did make 20 cents on each $6 box of bullshit and they donated the profits to Heifer International, a charity that providing livestock to poor people to eradicate poverty and hunger.

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday 2013

In 2013, CAH co-creator Max Temkin thought to himself that anyone can do a sale for Black Friday, so what could CAH do that is different? How about raising prices by $5? Yep, that’s exactly what they did. They raised the price of CAH from $25 to $30 on Amazon.

The result? They sold more games than usual on Black Friday, maintaining their lead as the most popular card game in America, and saw a nice sales lift on “Regret Saturday” from people who were waiting to buy the game until it came back down in price.

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday 2012

In 2012, CAH didn’t do a Black Friday prank. Instead they issued a “pay-what-you-want” Holiday Pack of 30 vaguely holiday-themed cards. People gave about $3.75 on average for the expansion pack, with CAH donating over $70,000 in profits to the Wikimedia Foundation.

In 2013, they did a promotion called 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit, sending out 12 tiny presents over 12 days to 100,000 people, including a lump of coal and a card with the buyer’s name on it. The profits from that 30-card expansion pack went to DonorsChoose.

In 2014, CAH did a promo called 10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa and sent 11 presents to 250,000 people, including miracle fruit and 1 square foot of a private island they bought called Hawaii 2. The 30 cards raised $250,000 for the Sunlight Foundation.

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