KinderPerfect is like Cards Against Humanity Growing Up and Having Kids

Cards Against Humanity Growing Up and Having Kids

We are excited that KinderPerfect is popular with parents – we are now a Top 100 Card Game on Amazon. Yet we are always humbled when we get a great Amazon review that reveals how our cards speak to parents.

We now have over 130 reviews on Amazon, and the vast majority of them are 5-star reviews. Some are short, just one sentence, but other reviews are long on detail and love that warm our hearts.

Just read this great 5-star review by Joette about how she enjoys KinderPerfect and compares it to Cards Against Humanity.

This is like Cards Against Humanity growing up and having kids.

I play KinderPerfect at our regular Mom’s Night Out and OMG! it is too funny. Its as if Cards Against Humanity grew up and then had kids. The question and answer cards speak to me as a parent.

  • Poop or chocolate? – I ask this question daily.
  • Crying over spilled breast milk – yep, done that.
  • Beer cooler at the birthday party – Now that’s an idea!

The cards were crowdsourced from actual parents. I know because “a crowning selfie” was my suggestion. And yes, cards like that (actually pretty much every card) leads into a funny conversation when you are playing with friends, or some awkward ones if you are playing with family.

It was an interesting voyage of discovery playing this at a family reunion!

The cards themselves are the exact same size at Cards Against Humanity cards, so you can add them to your deck as another expansion pack, but I intend on playing it as its own game.

I like how its not as potty-mouthed as CAH so we can play with little ones running around underfoot. Only the parents will get answers to questions like “How we got your little brother?” or “Why is daddy in time out again?”.

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