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About Us


KinderPerfect is brought to you by the Vota family – Wayan, Amy, Hanalei, Archer, and Taxi Dog – and our supportive community of Petworth Parents in Washington, DC, with a special thanks to Maria Mandle of Creativecouch Designs.

Our Story

We are fans of Cards Against Humanity, and enjoyed playing it with our friends, but felt it didn’t really speak to our experience as parents. We started adding in our own cards, and those suggested by our friends, which were so good, we started playing with our own parent-themed cards alone.

We then thought we should make a real card deck for our fellow neighbourhood parents, but they told us to think bigger. In between fits of laughter trying to answer cards like “Why is mommy mad?” or “What’s that smell?”, they convinced us to launch a Kickstarter to bring KinderPerfect to every parent.

After raising over $20,000 from 800 backers, and getting over 8,000 card suggestions from 700 parents, we’ve taken the next giant leap and put KinderPerfect on We are now a Top 100 Card Game on Amazon, which is a surprise and an honor. Our humble idea is now a hit with parents nationwide!