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A New Family Friendly Cards Against Humanity Card Game

family friendly cards against humanity

KinderPerfect is the new family-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity, where you can learn fun facts about your childhood and your relatives parenting skills without the crassness of other card matching games.

KinderPerfect is Family Friendly

KinderPerfect is designed to be family-friendly PG-13 to celebrate the role of family in all of our lives. We don’t have outright sexually explicit cards, though there is plenty of innuendo, in case little ears are around when the game is played. We also do not have racist, abusive, or genuinely insulting cards.

There are 2-3 mentions of ass, damn, and bitch, but the few sh*t and f**k are starred out in case little ones are old enough to read. You can skip over the bad words if you choose.

KinderPerfect is LDS Friendly

We didn’t design KinderPerfect with Mormons in mind, but we’re very happy that members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can enjoy the game too. Here is an Amazon review from the LDS community that we’re particularly proud of:

I am a Mormon. I bought these for a baby shower and it was a hit! You will need a Sharpie to ‘Mormonise’ a few cards. For example changing any alcohol related cards to sugar or caffeine highs!

They do contain the words F*** (already starred out) A** and D**. I just Sharpied those out and it works the same. It does have one B**** word which I just changed to boy. It doesn’t get much cleaner than Mormon, so if you are on the fence, I’d say go ahead and buy these with a Sharpie at the ready! 🙂

You can also check out our free PDF version and read most the cards before you buy the full KinderPerfect card game on Amazon.

Organizing a Baby Shower? Win a FREE KinderPerfect Game!

baby shower game giveaway

Want a FREE KinderPerfect Game?

We think KinderPerfect is great for baby showers. It’s a fast, fun game to surprise expecting moms and new parents with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou – the triptych of modern parental terror.

At 210 cards, you might be able to get through all the questions in one party, but if you have friends like ours, where every hand becomes a whole discussion of cloth diapers and hand-made organic baby food, we doubt you can finish before at least one mother is pumping at the card table.

For example, what is your answer to these cringe-worthy new parent questions:

  • Before kids, I never thought about ______?
  • What is that smell?
  • Why does mommy drink?
  • What the f**k is that?!

We’d love for you to play KinderPerfect at your next baby shower, gender reveal party, and similar events to see if we’re right.

Get Your FREE Game Now

baby shower card gamePlease apply now to get a free KinderPerfect game. You only need to say yes to these three easy requirements:

  • You’re organizing a baby shower between now and Oct 31
  • You have your own blog with more than 100 followers
  • You promise to play KinderPerfect at your baby shower and write a review of it as a baby shower game, linking back to our site.

Yes, it is really that easy to get a free KinderPerfect card game to play at your next baby shower. Just agree to play the game and then write up an honest review of the game, with a link back to us.

We don’t even require a glowing review. Honestly, we’re mainly interested in knowing if its a good baby shower game, and how we can make it even better for expectant parent parties.

Share This Post With Your Friends

Please share this post with your friends and parenting groups. You can even re-post it on your blog and Facebook. We’ll be giving away over 20 games in the next two weeks so there are plenty to go around!

Amy, Wayan, Hanalei, Archer, and Taxi Dog
The KinderPerfect Family

Download FREE KinderPerfect PDF Print-at-Home Cards

Free KinderPerfect PDF Cards

Are you a crafty Pinterest-perfect mom who wants to print out KinderPerfect cards? Do you already have the free Cards Against Humanity print-at-home PDF cards? Or do you need the KinderPerfect card game faster than Amazon 2-day shipping? Then you are in luck!

Download the Original KinderPerfect Game PDF

Yes, we are giving away the original Kickstarter version of our game. 210 cards downsized to little squares that you can print out on your home (or work) printer, hand to your grade school child to cut up, and be laughing at the pains of parenting faster than a run to Target.

The original game has 32 question cards and 78 answer cards like:


  • Before kids, I never thought about _______.
  • Signs that you are THAT family.
  • Why does mommy drink?


  • A half-assed drawing taped to the refrigerator
  • Handmade, locally grown organic baby food
  • Going to Target for a mini-vacation

Wondering how a PDF can become a fun game for your next event? Just download our cards here and then follow these simple directions.

KinderPerfect Print-at-Home PDF Instructions

STEP 1 ­Download the PDF and print out the cards double-sided in color (looks pretty) or in black & white (cheaper), and on cardstock paper (great playability) or on plain paper (cheaper). We usually opt for printing the cards in color on 110lbs cardstock paper at FedExOffice Online for that semi-professional look.

STEP 2 ­ You’ll need to cut out the cards. There are lines and it doesn’t matter if the cards are truly square, so we usually give this task to our kids and make a game of it. Note there are 2-3 mentions of “ass” and “damn”, and one “bitch” in case you kids can read. The few sh*t and f**k are starred out.

STEP 3 ­ Find a box. The Container Store AMAC box (model 102C) works really well for $1.50. Or just find that annoying picture­perfect Pinterest mom and ask her to make a box for you out of sustainably farmed bamboo or recycled plastic bags.

STEP 4 ­ Play! We recommend grabbing other parents and at least one couple thinking of having kids so you can traumatize them with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou – the triptych of modern parental terror.

STEP 5 ­ Make the deck your own. All those blank cards are included for a reason. After the second round of mommy juice, be creative and add your own card ideas to the mix. Be sure to share the best ones with us ­ we’ll be making expansion packs and giving away games for any submission we use.

PRO TIP ­ For added play time, print the Cards Against Humanity PDF and the Babies Against Parenthood PDF and add them to your pile. That should be enough cards and laughter to last an entire family reunion. Just be sure to print the back of the CAH and BAP question cards so the question cards are also easy to distinguish after the second glass of mommy juice.

The 4 Best Cards Against Humanity Baby Shower Games

baby shower card games

Do you want to play Cards Against Humanity at your next baby shower? Or better yet, something like a Cards Against Pregnancy – a CAH-style game that will make the mom-to-be pee her pants? Then here are 4 cool baby shower games just like Cards Against Humanity.

Baby Shower Themed Cards Against Humanity Games

Rock up to your next baby shower with one of these card games you’re guaranteed to be that cool friend!caillou that whiny bitch card


Okay, we are totally biased, but we think KinderPerfect is the best game to play at your baby shower. With every single card crowdsourced from actual parents, it’s a hilarious voyage of discovery for parents-to-be!  Everyone will be screaming with delight or derision as they answer questions like:

  • Before kids, I never thought about _______.
  • Why is daddy in time out again?
  • Signs that you are THAT family.
  • Why does mommy drink?

Get KinderPerfect on Amazon to surprise expecting moms and new parents with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou – the triptych of modern parental terror. Need cards right now? Download our print-at-home PDF!

Cads About Maternity

From our friends at Cads About Matrimony comes a new but equally repugnant card game for bad mommies: Cads About Maternity. Made for irresponsible new parents with dark, dirty minds, Cads About Maternity will prepare you for the most revolting, amazing, exhausting adventure of your adult life. The results of this Cards Against Humanity-type game are as joyful and disgusting as parenthood itself.

Babies-Against-ParenthoodBabies Against Parenthood

Designed by Amanda Hearn at The Eco Friendly Family, the free-to-download Babies Against Parenthood is a funny, multiplayer party game. This version for baby showers is more PG that Cards Against Humanity, but thankfully that’s open to interpretation. Best of all, for last-minute baby shower gift givers, you can download the PDF and print out cards the day of your event.

Jumbo Cards Against Pregnancy

If you are really crafty, you can try the large-scale game of Cards Against Humanity featured in Offbeat Home & Life. They illustrated the following seven steps for their game, but you’ll need to re-create all their artwork, as they sadly didn’t share their templates (boo!).

  1. Create large, themed, prompt cards
  2. Create your own answer cards
  3. Ask guests to write their name on their answers
  4. Glue the prompt cards to envelopes and mount them on a wall
  5. Have guests slide their answers into the corresponding prompt card envelope
  6. Read the hilarious answers out loud
  7. Cry from laughing so hard, and have the best baby shower ever.

If all that sounds like too much work for you (it does for us!) we again recommend taking the easy route and just buying KinderPerfect on Amazon.

KinderPerfect is Now in USA and Canada Retail Stores

Retail Stores Selling KinderPerfect
KinderPerfect is now available at select retail stores in the USA and Canada!

We are proud to be featured in independent book stores, like the famous Powell Books in Portland, OR, and game stores like Loadza Toys in Kelowna, BC. See our growing list here.

If you want your favorite store to stock KinderPerfect, please ask them to email us, and we’ll aim to make it happen.

Worldwide Availability

You can also order KinderPerfect online in Canada and the United Kingdom from Amazon with free 2-day shipping or on eBay for worldwide shipping.

We’re Making Expansion Packs and We Need Your Help

b4-kids (2)

What Surprised You About Parenthood?

Poop. Puke. Caillou. Raising kids is full of unexpected surprises. That’s why we created KinderPerfect, and why parents love it.

We’re doing great on,, and – we’re usually a Top 100 Card Game with awesome reviews. Thank you for helping make it a success. We really appreciate all your support.

Tell Us and Win Free Games

We are proud of KinderPerfect, but we know it can be even better – with your help. Please suggest new card ideas for expansion packs. We want to create a larger game, and expand into the tween years.

We’d love your ideas, and if we use one of your card suggestions in the final game, we’ll send you a free deck. Need inspiration? Check out our weekly card contest giveaways on Facebook.

Please Be Quick

We are focused on having our expansion packs for sale by Christmas 2017 and you would not believe how long the lead times are for producing a quality card game. Please submit your card ideas by March 31, 2017 to qualify for the free game giveaway.

Thank you again for helping us co-create the best excuse for mommy juice!

Amy, Wayan, Hanalei, Archer, and Taxi Dog

KinderPerfect Is An Amazon Top 100 Card Game


We are proud to announce that KinderPerfect is a Top 100 Card Game on

This is an amazing feat since Amazon continuously recalculates the Top 100 Card Games ranking, often multiple times in a day, and KinderPerfect launched on Amazon in late July. KinderPerfect is usually between the 50th to 80th most popular card game on Amazon in the USA, and in the top 20 games on Amazon Canada.

We are excited that KinderPerfect is a hit with millennial moms and we’re looking forward to the Christmas shopping season and bringing laughter and a mommy juice excuse to more parents.

We Blew Up Scary Mommy’s Facebook Page


What happens when Scary Mommy writes about KinderPerfect? Every mom realizes we’ve just made the perfect excuse for mommy juice!

Valarie Williams’ Scary Mommy post about our Kickstarter was republished on their Facebook page, updated to reflect that KinderPerfect is now available on Amazon, and moms reacted strong and swift. The post garnered 4,900 post likes and reactions, 1,650 shares, and 684 comments.

Moms didn’t just talk about KinderPerfect either. They rushed to KinderPerfect’s page and bought several hundred games in less than two days, pushing us into the upper levels of Amazon’s Top 100 Card Games ranking.


Woohoo! We’re Now on


We’re Just a Click Away!

Thank you for helping us launch KinderPerfect on Kickstarter. With your support, we were able to create a hilarious card game, packed with 200 parent-centric Question and Answer cards. We just reached a milestone that should excite you:

Our crazy idea for a “Cards Against Humanity for parents” is also available for worldwide shipping via eBay and we’re working hard to get it on Amazon in Canada.
Parents Love KinderPerfect

Oh and now that parents are playing the game, we’re getting great feedback. We have awesome 5-star reviews on Amazon. Parents are saying the nicest things about our game. Here is one of our favorite reviews:

  • KinderPerfect is poignant and HILARIOUS! I played twice, first with close friends and then with a group I know less well. Both times, people were laughing like crazy, swapping stories and having a great time. Makes for a great evening of adult fun. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, anyone with kids 12 and under will feel like this game was made for them!

Thanks for your early support. You can proudly proclaim yourself as one of the first supporters of a popular parent party game!

Wayan, Amy, Hanalei, Archer, and Taxi Dog – the KinderPerfect Family

KinderPerfect Is Shipping On Time


KinderPerfect Has Shipped to USA Backers

Our printer says that KinderPerfect card decks have shipped to the USA Kickstarter backers, who should receive their games in time for July 4th – just like we promised.

We are very proud that we made our Kickstarter commitment.  Few crowdfunded projects meet their original commitments, and we take great pride in being one of the exceptions that created our game and delivered it to USA backers in 3 months from Kickstarter launch to cards in your hands.

Worldwide Shipping Will Start Soon

We will be shipping Canadian and UK Kickstarter backer orders soon, as we need to figure out our backup shipping plans. Our original plan to ship cards to you fell through and we’re now on Plan B. International shipping is a little more complicated, so please be patient.  Still, we promise that you will be getting your decks before anyone else in Canada or the UK.

Amy, Wayan, Hanalei, Archer, and Taxi Dog