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Are you a crafty Pinterest-perfect mom who wants to print out KinderPerfect cards? Do you already have the free Cards Against Humanity print-at-home PDF cards? Or do you need the KinderPerfect card game faster than Amazon 2-day shipping? Then you are in luck!

Download the Complete KinderPerfect Game PDF

Yes, we are giving away a complete 700-card version of our game. All our cards downsized to little squares that you can print out on your home (or work) printer, hand to your grade school child to cut up, and be laughing at the pains of parenting faster than a run to Target.

kinderperfect download pdf cardsThe complete game has 150 question cards and 550 answer cards like:


  • Before kids, I never thought about _______.
  • Signs that you are THAT family.
  • Why does mommy drink?


  • A half-assed drawing taped to the refrigerator
  • Handmade, locally grown organic baby food
  • Going to Target for a mini-vacation

Wondering how a PDF can become a fun game for your next event? Just download our cards here and then follow these simple directions.

KinderPerfect Print-at-Home PDF Instructions

STEP 1 ­Download the PDF and print out the cards double-sided in color (looks pretty) or in black & white (cheaper), and on cardstock paper (great playability) or on plain paper (cheaper). We usually opt for printing the cards in color on 110lbs cardstock paper at FedExOffice Online for that semi-professional look.

STEP 2 ­ You’ll need to cut out the cards. There are lines and it doesn’t matter if the cards are truly square, so we usually give this task to our kids and make a game of it. Note there are 2-3 mentions of “ass” and “damn”, and one “bitch” in case you kids can read. The few sh*t and f**k are starred out.

STEP 3 ­ Find a box. The Container Store AMAC box (model 102C) works really well for $1.50. Or just find that annoying picture ­perfect Pinterest mom and ask her to make a box for you out of sustainably farmed bamboo or recycled plastic bags.

STEP 4 ­ Play! We recommend grabbing other parents and at least one couple thinking of having kids so you can traumatize them with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou – the triptych of modern parental terror.

STEP 5 ­ Make the deck your own. All those blank cards are included for a reason. After the second round of mommy juice, be creative and add your own card ideas to the mix!

PRO TIP ­ For added play time, print the Cards Against Humanity PDF and add them to your pile. That should be enough cards and laughter to last an entire family reunion. Just be sure to print the back of the CAH question cards so the question cards are also easy to distinguish after the second glass of mommy juice.

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