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Submit New Cards Ideas and Win FREE Games

We think KinderPerfect is a great card game, but we want to make it greater. We would love to have your ideas to improve the main game and create expansion packs that feature:

We want to make expansion packs that cover all the major life events of our children (and us).

How to Submit Card Ideas

Like Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, and other similar games, KinderPerfect has two types of cards:

  1. Question Cards: Questions or statements that invite mockery, like:
    • Why we were kicked out of Disney World?
    • Next up, Daniel Tiger sings a catch tune about ____.
    • Why is daddy in time out again?
  2. Answer Cards: Either nouns or gerunds as single words or phrases, like:
    • F**king potty mouthed kids.
    • Never pooping alone
    • Pot brownies at the PTA meeting.

The Submission Process

Start by adding your card ideas into the form below. You can add as many card ideas as many times as you want. We will review each and every submission you submit and we offer feedback as we go through your ideas.

We use the best ideas in test games that we send to select parents to try out in real life KinderPerfect Play Parties. If your card idea is chosen for the final game, we’ll give you credit and send you a free KinderPerfect card deck!

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