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A Toddler Drinking From a Plunger – KinderPerfect Card Stories

toddler drinking from a plunger

Silence. That’s what I remember the most. An eerie silence in the house.

This was not normal. Not when you have two crazy daughters who are always either playing, fighting, or just yelling – all at full volume. Our house is never quiet when my two daughters are awake.

So when I heard silence, I knew something was happening. Time to investigate!

At first, I couldn’t find either girl, and they were not answering my calls. Getting scared, I started dashing from room to room looking for them. Then I found them. The oldest daughter was watching her sister with rapt attention.

Why? The youngest daughter was drinking from a plunger.

Yes, she had the rim of the toilet bowl plunger up to her lips as she tried to sip water from the upturned end. Yelling for her to stop, I gave her such a fright that she dropped the plunger, got soaked with water, and started to cry. Her sister started to laugh. And I became evil dad.

How could I scare her, my youngest screamed.

How could I interrupt their game? Stop their fun? Keep them from seeing who could drink the most water from a dirty toilet bowl plunger? Yes, I was evil, mean, and the worst daddy ever for stopping them mid-game.

As a parent, I think you can relate.

How many times? How many ways? Still, day after day, they surprise us with their crazy ways, and crazier ideas. Modern parenting is a true voyage of discovery – and we’ve all just started on the journey!

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