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We Blew Up Scary Mommy’s Facebook Page


What happens when Scary Mommy writes about KinderPerfect? Every mom realizes we’ve just made the perfect excuse for mommy juice!

Valarie Williams’ Scary Mommy post about our Kickstarter was republished on their Facebook page, updated to reflect that KinderPerfect is now available on Amazon, and moms reacted strong and swift. The post garnered 4,900 post likes and reactions, 1,650 shares, and 684 comments.

Moms didn’t just talk about KinderPerfect either. They rushed to KinderPerfect’s page and bought several hundred games in less than two days, pushing us into the upper levels of Amazon’s Top 100 Card Games ranking.


Posted on July 31, 2016 at 11:24 pm in and tagged