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Free Printable Babies Against Parenthood Card Games for New Moms

download printable baby shower cards pdf

Imagine if Cards Against Humanity grew up and had kids. They might create an inappropriate adult card game for groups to play and call it “Babies Against Parenthood.”

Expecting parents and new moms would ask questions like, “My college degree did not prepare me for ____.” and answer with, “Caillou, that whiny bitch“.

Now they can!

Here are three fun printable card games for baby showers, moms night out, and adult game night. All three games are free to download and print right now.

KinderPerfect Adult Party Card Game for Parents

KinderPerfect is the best Cards Against Humanity-inspired card game for baby showers and Moms’ Night Out parties. Every single card is crowdsourced from actual parents just like you to create a hilarious voyage of discovery for new moms and their friends.

Download our FREE print-at-home PDF

kinderperfect download pdf cardsYour girlfriends will be screaming with delight as they answer family-friendly questions like:

  • Why did mommy lock herself in the bathroom?
  • Why is daddy’s greatest fear?
  • Signs that you are THAT family.
  • Science will never explain ______.

Don’t want to mess around with printing and cutting cards? Get KinderPerfect on Amazon right now to surprise new parents with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou. Just do keep KinderPerfect out of the reach of children. Its an adult party card game.

Babies Against Parenthood Free Printable Card Game

Amanda Hearn at The Eco Friendly Family made her own Cards Against Humanity type game. Babies Against Parenthood is a funny, multiplayer party game you can download now.

This adult party card game is more PG than Cards Against Humanity, but still fun for everyone. You can download the PDF and print out cards for your big event.

Cards Against Humanity Free PDF Download

You can always print out the original Cards Against Humanity card game. You can download the full game PDF here as it is available for free under their Creative Commons license. You will need to print it out yourself.

Making the full card set will take an hour to cut out all those little cards and cost about $10 if you print it at FedEx Office. Less if you use your work printer and your kids cut the cards – not that we’d do that!

Buy New Parents Card Game on Amazon

If all that printing and cutting sounds like too much work for you (it does for us!) we again recommend taking the easy route and just buying KinderPerfect on Amazon.

We have our main 400 card game and now three new expansion card packs for more fun on adult game night.

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