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KinderPerfect Is Shipping On Time


KinderPerfect Has Shipped to USA Backers

Our printer says that KinderPerfect card decks have shipped to the USA Kickstarter backers, who should receive their games in time for July 4th – just like we promised.

We are very proud that we made our Kickstarter commitment.  Few crowdfunded projects meet their original commitments, and we take great pride in being one of the exceptions that created our game and delivered it to USA backers in 3 months from Kickstarter launch to cards in your hands.

Worldwide Shipping Will Start Soon

We will be shipping Canadian and UK Kickstarter backer orders soon, as we need to figure out our backup shipping plans. Our original plan to ship cards to you fell through and we’re now on Plan B. International shipping is a little more complicated, so please be patient.  Still, we promise that you will be getting your decks before anyone else in Canada or the UK.

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