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The Many Definitions of “Mommy Juice” – KinderPerfect Card Stories

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Why Does Mommy Drink?

Oh wine, sweet wine, I look forward to you after another day of childhood whine from a finger-waving, hip-swaying 6-year-old princess trying to pass off a permission slip signed in crayon.

And that’s on a good day.

Other days, do I really need a reason for Chardonnay, Cabernet, or the favorite in our house, Pinot noir? I think not. Nor do you. We all deserve a full glass of “mommy juice” – whatever that means for you – and long soak in the tub.

Now if we could just get a quiet house. Absolute quiet. For just five minutes so we can enjoy both.

Mommy Juice and Daddy Juice

Life isn’t just libations for mommy. Dad’s get a drink too, right after they stay up late to do our child’s project for them. Our kids learned early on the difference between the two drinks:

  • “Mommy juice” comes in a tall glass and children should be careful not to spill it.
  • “Daddy juice” comes in a bottle and a well trained child will get dad a new one from the fridge.

Of course, mommy and daddy put the kids first, and keep our drinks in moderation, unless its a hilarious Mom’s Night Out, and then we might be sleeping off a hangover in the car during soccer practice.

The Other Definition of Mommy Juice

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When we sent out test cards for our 400-card main game, we thought there was only one definition of mommy juice – wine. Oh how wrong we were!

We quickly received feedback  that “mommy juice” could be taken many different ways. Some did think of it as booze, like we did, and others thought a little dirtier. Let’s just say that some people thought “mommy juice” was a great answer to the Cards Against Humanity question card: “What will always get you laid.”

What Are Your Card Stories?

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