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Celebrate National Cancel Caillou Day on December 10th!

cancel caillou day
Caillou is officially a 4-year-old boy who is fascinated by the world around him. He starred in an animated TV show ran from 1997 to 2010. Fun fact: Caillou was first broadcast in French and then translated to English.

Why Parents Hate Caillou

Don’t let that simple backstory fool you though. Caillou is why mommy drinks. His constant whining is rewarded by his ultra-helicopter parents. This creates horrible role models that children absorb and follow: be a moron, whine, and your parents will save you.

Caillou compounds its horrible story lines with a theme song featuring his whiny voice. Sadly, kids love to sing it in his high-pitched whine, so the song is guaranteed to grate on your nerves. It’s like Canada is purposely trying to ruin a generation of American children!

National Cancel Caillou Day

Join us for National Cancel Caillou Day December 10th. KinderPerfect is proud to sponsor National Cancel Caillou Day and encourage all parents to cancel Caillou from your child’s life. On this day, parents should:

  • Refuse any request to watch Caillou, no matter the pleading.
  • Turn off all of his annoying cartoons and songs.
  • Destroy any reminder of him – videos, toys, or books.
  • Ban him from your home and your life.
  • Celebrate your resolution with #CancelCaillou on Facebook

PBS canceled Curious George and Nickelodeon canceled Paw Patrol. While the actual Caillou show was canceled in 2010 (thank God!), we are still stuck with the bald f*ck. He is available on PBS Kids, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and iTunes. The injustices of 2020 never end!

cancel Caillou day

Caillou Must Die on December 10th!

Take National Cancel Caillou Day to the next level and kill him off now. He might have cancer, but that’s no reason to resist the ultimate Cancel Caillou Day activity: burning all Caillou toys.

That’s right, make a pile of all the Caillou books and toys in your life, and set it ablaze while you question your life choices. Bold parents can even make their kids watch the bonfire – a life lesson on what happens to whiners.

Ban Caillou From Your House

National Cancel Caillou Day should not be celebrated on just one day. Caillou was banned from our home years ago. He should be banned from your house too. The TV show and any books, toys, or other accessories.

We parents have a moral obligation to our fellow moms and dads to ban Caillou from all our homes. No parent should worry that their child will be corrupted by an errant Caillou at another child’s house.

Cancel Caillou From Your Child’s Life

Finally, you have one last action on National Cancel Caillou Day, cancel him from your child’s life. You took away the Caillou TV shows. You removed any reminder of Caillou.

Now you can tell your child the truth. Caillou was canceled.

Caillou was officially canceled in 2010. Bring that cancellation reality to your child, their playmates, and their parents. National Cancel Caillou Day can be the beginning of the end! Let us find freedom from bald whiny children now!

National cancel caillou dayHow to Cancel Caillou from Amazon Prime Video

Here is a simple way to remove Caillou from Amazon Prime Video. This will also work with Peppa Pig and any other annoying show you dislike. Using both of these processes will guarantee to remove Caillou from any video recommendations.

Deleting Caillou From Watch Next

The “Watch next” category is found on the Home page with a carousel-style thumb gallery of your recently watched, unfinished films and episodes/seasons.

  • Access your Amazon Prime account in a browser, and then click the Watch on Amazon button to view your Prime Home page.
  • In the Watch Next section, click on the blue Edit link at the top right of the sliding carousel.
  • A large circled “X” will appear at the center of each thumbnail in the sliding carousel.
  • Click the “X” on each Caillou video, and then click Done at the top right.
  • The Watch Next section will now be free of that whiny brat.

Of course, if your child happens to watch a show in the future, it will reappear on the list. Just disciple your child and then remove Caillou again by following the above steps.

Deleting Caillou from Watch History

Watch History is another place that Caillou can appear in Amazon Prime Video. Erasing him from there is pretty easy-peasy.

  • Access your Amazon Prime account in a browser, and click the three bars in the upper-left hand corner next to the Amazon Prime logo. This will open a menu.
  • Click Prime Video followed by Prime Video again.
  • Click Menu in the upper-right corner.
  • Select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Watch History tab.
  • Click the gray View Watch History button to open the page.
  • Scroll through your list and click Remove This From Watched Videos next to every Caillou TV show.

We also recommend checking the box next to “I prefer not to use this for recommendations,” just to be doubly sure he doesn’t show up in the future.

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