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7 Awesome PG-13 Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack Games

pg-13 cards against humanity expansion pack cards

PG-13 Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs

Are you looking for PG-13 versions of Cards Against Humanity game as a family-friendly gift? Do you find CAH too raunchy to play with your teacher co-workers or church groups? Then we have PG-13 card games for your next respectable adult game night.

Here are Cards Against Humanity expansion packs that can be played as a stand-alone games, or mixed into the cleaner CAH cards to enliven your next baby shower or family reunion.

KinderPerfect Parents Party Card Game

Okay, we are totally biased, but we think KinderPerfect is the best Cards Against Humanity expansion pack. With 400 crowdsourced cards from actual parents, it’s a hilarious voyage of discovery for moms, dads, grandparents, and all those in between!

Everyone will be screaming with delight or derision as they answer questions like:

  • No one warned me about _______.
  • Why is daddy in time out again?
  • Science will never explain _____.
  • Why does mommy drink?

Get KinderPerfect on Amazon to surprise new parents with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou – the triptych of modern parental terror. Need cards right now? Download our print-at-home PDF!buy kinderperfect card games

More Cards Expansion Pack Game

The #1 request from parents is here! MORE hilarious cards for Kinder Perfect, crowdsourced from actual moms, dads, grandparents, and traumatized babysitters who all hate Calliou.

MORE cards are family-friendly – about kids, but designed for parents who love to laugh but find games like Cards Against Humanity a touch too crass.

Tween Cards Expansion Pack Game

TWEEN Deck has 100 new cards for your existing Kinder Perfect or CAH game to spice-up your next adult game night and ensure at least one parent is embarrassed afterwards. TWEEN cards are puberty-friendly, designed for parents of tweens, teens, and other insufferable youth of today.

Naughty Cards Expansion Pack Game

NAUGHTY Cards has 30 Questions and 70 Answers exploring dark thoughts about modern parenting. NAUGHTY cards are NOT family-friendly – they are designed for edgy parents who like the darker Cards Against Humanity combinations.

PG13 Clean Cards Against Humanity Games

In addition to the four KinderPerfect games, here are three more games to expand your Cards Against Humanity collection. These PG-13 versions can be played with little ears nearby, though we don’t recommend playing with the kids.

Cads About Matrimony

If you have romantic couples, or newlyweds in your group, then Cads About Matrimony is guaranteed to humiliate your friends and upset your in-laws.

Made for irresponsible lovers with dirty minds, Cads About Matrimony is a classic wedding party game to prepare your friends for the most revolting, amazing, exhausting adventure of your adult life: marriage.

A Game for Good Christians

a game for good christians

A Game For Good Christians was developed through years of many irreverent and deeply theological conversations; Bible studies, seminary classes, sermons, readings and reflections are at the root of this game, as is deep exploration of the Bible.

The cards capture stories, characters, and statements from the Bible. Some familiar and comforting, others frightening and confusing. The Bible, like humanity, is messy because it contains the messy relationship between the divine and humanity: a relationship which is humorous and horrifying.

A Game For Good Christians embraces this dissonance. They ask you to do the same.

Do You Know Me

Do you think you know your friends? You’ve been friends for years, but You Think You Know Me card game will bring forth everyone’s deep dark secrets in a fun, playful way that avoids the crassness of CAH.

Each card in You Think You Know Me has a different starting statement to get your girlfriends talking about everything from grocery shopping in your pajamas to how much you really love your spouse and children.

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