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We are making KinderPerfect expansion packs – with your amazing card ideas. Now its time to test all the card ideas with real, live parents.

We are sponsoring Design Play Parties where parents can play our prototype cards and give feedback. Party organizers will get:

  • 400 prototype cards to print and play with
  • $25 for your preferred refreshments
  • A great reason to have a party!

We’re looking for Design Party Organizers in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Host a Design Play Party

Please sign up now to host a Design Play Party. We only ask that you meet these minimal requirements:

  • Parties are held between April 15 and May 15 – the sooner, the better.
  • At least 6 parents attend. Screaming toddlers are optional.
  • Card feedback is submitted within 2 days of your party.

How It Works

  • A few days before your party, we’ll send you the test cards to print out and cut up.
  • Then you’ll play KinderPerfect with your friends and record your thoughts on how the cards worked in the game.
  • Finally, you’ll share your feedback with us so we can iterate on the next set of cards.

If this sounds like a fun time with your friends, sign up below to organize a Design Play Party and be part of the KinderPerfect family!

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