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The Many Reasons Why Daddy is in Time Out Again…

daddy time out again

Why is Daddy in Time Out Again?

Oh men. You would think they could get with the program when they become fathers, but half the time, I really wonder if they get parenting at all. They sure spend too much time playing Cards Against Humanity.

At our house, there are so many ways that Mr. KinderPerfect has mucked up parenting that, “Why is daddy in time out again?” was one of our original question cards and is still in our core KinderPerfect card game.

Bringing Home a Puppy

While “bringing home a puppy” is certainly a borderline, “awww, how cute!” it is not so cute when he surprises you with a carpet-staining puppy the day before dog-allergic relatives are coming for a visit.  And when it grows up to be a diaper-eating dog (true story!), its even less cute.

Letting Someone Else Read Them Books on YouTube

I’m not sure if its laziness or brilliance to let the kids watch someone else read them books on YouTube. It’s a great way to get out of bedtime story reading – just how many times can you read “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” before going batsh*t crazy? Still, reading to them is a treasured time that they outgrow way too fast to outsource it to YouTube.

The Man Flu

Now the Man Flu is certainly a time out for daddy every time. I can’t stand how they get the smallest sniffle and boom, they’re in bed for the day, while I work through all kinds of colds, cramps, and the like every month. Next time he stays home with a “cold”, I’m going to change the WiFi password and leave a “Honey Do” list for him.

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