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Amazon Canada Customers Love Kinder Perfect Card Game for New Parents

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When we starting making KinderPerfect, we were inspired by Cards Against Humanity, a very popular game in the USA and Canada. Yet we were unsure if our parent humor would cross the 48th parallel.

We didn’t know if Canadian parents would find the same things funny, or if our jokes were uniquely American. So when we put KinderPerfect on Amazon Canada we wondered what our response would be.

Amazon Canada Customer Reviews

We didn’t need to worry. Canadian parents struggle with all the same poop, puke, and Caillou problems as us in the lower 48. In fact, Canadians hate Caillou, that whiny bitch, even more than Americans!

We have 4.5 out of 5 stars in our reviews, with Halsi Herbert’s Amazon review even going so far as to say, “If you are a parent, Kinder Perfect is even better than cards against humanity!!”

Amazon Canada customers love to play Kinder Perfect at adult game nights, with reviews that say: “Hilarious. Great for a parents date night or game night with others,” or say: “We had so much fun playing this game at our last mom’s night in! Only moms will truly understand just how funny some of these are 😂.”

Canadian parents, like Heather, even give KinderPerfect as gift from one parent to another, “I love KinderPerfect! This game is super fun and addicting. I recommend this game to many others because I find it hilarious.”

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L Roy’s Review: Great little card game for anyone who has kids.

Great little card game for anyone who has kids. It’s the perfect size to leave on the dinning room table and pick up a game when other parents stop by.

Same idea as Cards Against Humanity but only half way as inappropriate and focused on the daily craziness of raising kids 🙂 Edgy enough to have fun but you don’t need to hide it from your in-laws or kids – young kids won’t get the references anyway).

We game a few sets to newer parents this Christmas as a way of making them feel they’re not alone on this crazy parenting adventure. Love it.

Mathew’s Amazon Review: Recommended!

Hey, what’s not to like about this game? It uses gameplay that has proven to be fun and very popular in games like Cards Against Humanity, Apples To Apples, Snake Oil, and others. But, applies it to PARENTING … the roller coaster ride of life. A game that helps you laugh with your friends at the crazy parenting experiences you’ve all had is certainly a winner.

The game is really easy to start and play and you can be playing in less than one minute (you don’t have to worry about reading complicated instructions). And, you don’t have to be a gamer to have fun with this because it’s a simple social game that any parent can relate to and have fun with.

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