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KinderPerfect is Cards Against Humanity – for Parents!

cards against humanity parent version

We designed KinderPerfect to be the Cards Against Humanity for parents that you’ve been dreaming of playing this Christmas. Like every parent, we love our kids, but they can drive us crazy. It’s their antics, and those of other children, that inspired us to make KinderPerfect.

Why We Made KinderPerfect Like Cards Against Humanity

Parenting is tough. You don’t get an instruction manual when you leave the hospital with your newborn, yet everyone you meet has an opinion of what you are doing wrong or should be doing differently. Worse, it’s usually your parents.

We want KinderPerfect to be safe place for parents to laugh at the pain of parenting, and allow them to discuss the real challenges of raising kids. That’s why we took the basic game play of Cards Against Humanity (and Apples to Apples before it) and adapted for the Millennial parenting experience – from the baby shower onwards.

For example, our kids had us read “Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?” until we memorized all the pages in that set of books, and started making up our own animals for it to see. And what parent doesn’t have a half-assed drawing taped to their refrigerator?

Another one of friend’s daughter was always sucking on the ear of a stuffed animal for over a year, only taking it out of her month to eat. She wouldn’t allow her mom to wash it either. That inspired the card, “No, don’t put ____ in your mouth!” And the potential answer card, “Another damn stuffed animal.”

Why KinderPerfect Is Like Cards Against Humanity for Parents

Our aim is to take the everyday pain of parenthood and make it into an excuse for mommy juice!

The “Parent” player will read out a red Question Card and other players will submit their white Answer Cards. The Parent picks the winner they like the best, well, because they said so. The winner then becomes the Parent for the next round. You win by amassing useless Answer Cards, just like in real life!

KinderPerfect plays well with other games, like Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples, but it’s also great to play on its own. We have 210 casino-quality cards that will integrate seamlessly with other games and last stain-free longer than a baby onesie.

Better yet, you can help us make new cards and if we use your idea, we’ll send you a free game!

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