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KinderPerfect: an Amazon Top 100 Card Game in USA and Canada


We are proud to announce that KinderPerfect is a Top 100 Card Game on

This is an amazing feat since Amazon continuously recalculates the Top 100 Card Games ranking, often multiple times in a day. KinderPerfect is usually between the 50th to 80th most popular card game on Amazon USA, and in the top 20 games on Amazon Canada.

We are excited that KinderPerfect is a hit with millennial moms, even moms who hate Calliou, and we’re looking forward to the Christmas shopping season and bringing laughter and a mommy juice excuse to more parents.

Five-Star Amazon Customer Reviews

Wow! Amazon shoppers do love KinderPerfect. Here are a few of the 130+ Amazon customer reviews of KinderPerfect, many calling it “Cards Against Humanity for Parents“.

Must Have for Parents! By chelc260on
Hilarious! Pairs perfectly with Cards Against Humanity. I think this is a must-have for a game night with other parents. So many cards are easy to relate to- and bring up funny stories! Looking forward to playing this again.

Kinder-awesome! This is new game in our Rudolph Christmas song! By JFBon
Received the deck and immediately setup a CAH KinderPerfect parent party! We enjoyed playing and the bonding it created in our group. Highly recommend play with parents/grandparents/family. Definitely livened up our last at PTO meetings at our kids’ school! Had the best turnout ever.

This is a fantastic game if you have kids or you know people with kids By Amazon Customer
This is a fantastic game if you have kids or you know people with kids. As a bonus it works perfectly with Cards Against Humanity if you own that as well. I wish I could remember the exact card but something very innocent about brother and sister took on a whole new meaning when paired with a CAH question. And how can you not love a card about the disdain of Caillou. I look forward to the expansion packs to follow!

Kinder Perfect is an amazingly funny game By Danielle
Kinder Perfect is an amazingly funny game on it’s own. Or pairs wonderfully with Cards Against Humanity. Hours of fun and entertainment. A must have for your next gathering.

Great game on a couple fronts By R. Baker
The cards are highly relatable for all parents–while either mom or dad could perhaps better relate to one card versus the next, it’s an even spread. Beyond the laughs though and just another good reason to get together, as we often need to make for ourselves, it’s usually a game slowly played as well. One card brings up a funny story which brings up the next and it can be ten minutes on a related but different kind of fun in-between, certainly great for sharing, commiserating, and overall bonding. The quality of the cards is excellent as well. Highly recommended.

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