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Amazon Reviews for Kinder Perfect – Adult Game Night Party Cards for Parents

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When we made KinderPerfect for parents, we were inspired by Cards Against Humanity. We loved their irreverent humor and wanted to bring laughter and fun to adult game nights, by appealing to parents shopping on Amazon.

We had a blast creating cards like “Caillou, that whiny bitch” with our friends, and our Kickstarter was a massive success. Still, we really didn’t know how Amazon customers would react to our creation.

Amazon Customer Reviews of KinderPerfect

Well we didn’t need to worry. Amazon buyers love our game! We have a 4.5 star average on Amazon with great customer reviews like this:

C. Dodgeon’s Review: A hit for ‘Mom’s night in’ fun!

I bought this to play at a MOMS Club mom’s night in and it was a hit! It’s so much fun to play with other parents. A few of the answers have me literally laughing so hard I had tears pouring down my face and by the end of the game my face hurt from smiling/laughing so hard lol.

I have bought 2 to give as a gifts: 1 for my sister in law and 1 as a secret Santa gift and both were well received! Actually, a few of the ladies who saw the secret Santa I gave ordered themselves a game too lol.

Sam’s Amazon Review: Perfect Parent Game

This game is full of laughs! Every parent out there can relate to these cards! Playing on a mom’s night is a must. And playing with dads too is hilarious because it’s surprising to see how they play their cards differently than the moms. So don’t hesitate, GET THIS GAME!buy kinderperfect games

Ryan S. Amazon Review: Laugh all night!

We absolutely love this game! It helps to be a parent of at least a two year old and even better if you have more than one kid. We played this with another couple and before we knew it 3 hours had passed and we’d been laughing so hard our faces and bellies hurt. We can’t wait to play it again with more couples!

Hangman’s Review: Cards Against Humanity – Parents Edition!!!!

Bought this game from KinderPerfect when I heard about it from their Kickstarter campaign, and got it when it released. This game is the perfect choice for parents of any ages just to commiserate the true brutality of being a parent.

This game pairs well with parents who need a night away, parents who need a drink, and parents in general. Every one of the cards brings in a certain truth to it. This is cards against humanity – parents edition, and while non parents will enjoy to truly appreciate you should be a parent.

Lisa Mellem’s Review: We laughed until we cried!

My husband purchased this for my birthday and we played with another parent couple last night. Every card was Super relatable and hilarious. Money well spent! Thanks for such an amazing, game where us as parents realize we aren’t the only ones with crazy toddlers ❤

Cmex84’s Review: Great Game-Can’t Wait for the Expansion Packs!!!

I LOVE this game! I spotted the game when it originally debuted on Kickstarter. After reading through the description, I knew we had to have it! I’ve collected all the CAH (Cards against humanity) packs, over the years, and we’ve played it to death with friends and family.

Most of our friends in our group, we’re parents with several children each. So, naturally, this game made sense to own. We’re a twisted sense of humor type bunch, and we always tell stories and joke and sometimes are horribly inappropriate but love some of the wild stuff that we go through.

When I added this game to my “card stash”, I had a brilliant idea. Not only is the game a riot on its own, but it gets a whole new level of crazy if you mix the cards in with the CAH game! There’s many other games similar, with different themes, that this pairs really well with. Just take the answer cards, and mix them in with the topic cards of CAH, or vise versa.

The only thing that I would have to give a thumbs down on, is that there aren’t more expansion packs released yet! LOL. I can’t wait to see the new expansion packs, and will be first in line to purchase once there are more. Also, great gifts for parents around the holidays, birthdays, etc.

Even better to purchase and/or play with new parents or parents-to-be. Gives them a little taste of “What’s to come” haha. What I love about this game too is… can play THIS one with the kids still within ear shot. CAH-Not so much lol. In any event, great game, and love the parent twist. Excited to see what comes next from this seller/company!

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