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4 Hilarious CAH Party Card Games for Adult Game Nights

Adult Game Nights

Is playing Cards Against Humanity getting old? Have you memorized all the question and answer cards? Do you want to spice up your adult game nights with new expansion packs?

Here are four new CAH-style card games that will be sure to have your friends howling with laughter all night long. These are more than just expansion cards – they are entire new games, inspired by Cards Against Humanity.


Okay, we are totally biased, but we think KinderPerfect is the best Cards Against Humanity-inspired card game for adult game nights. We crowdsourced every single card from actual parents to create a hilarious voyage of discovery for everyone from parents-to-be to grandparents.

Your friends will be screaming with delight as they answer questions like:

  • Why does mommy drink?
  • Why is daddy in time out again?
  • Signs that you are THAT family.
  • Before kids, I never thought about ______.

Get KinderPerfect on Amazon to surprise new parents with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou. And yes, everyone hates Caillou, that whiny bitch! Just do keep KinderPerfect out of the reach of children. Its an adult party card game.

Oh and do you need cards right now? Download our print-at-home PDF!

Wilted Green

Wilted Green is a party game for the eco-cynic in all of us. They took the concept of Cards Against Humanity and added an environmental twist. Now you can kick off those Birkenstocks, fill up your Nalgene with craft beer, and take a break from saving the planet in good conscience.

Wilted Green is a way to poke fun at favorite overplayed stereotypes, unintentional parodies, and familiar caricatures in the wonderful world of sustainability. After all, you’re not a real environmentalist until you’re using your own poop as compost for your backyard organic garden.

Cads About Matrimony

If you have romantic couples, or newlyweds in your group, then Cads About Matrimony is guaranteed to humiliate your friends and upset your in-laws.

Made for irresponsible lovers with dark, dirty minds, Cads About Matrimony is a classic wedding party game for terrible people to prepare you for the most revolting, amazing, exhausting adventure of your adult life: marriage. Don’t be fooled by the handsome box – this game certainty isn’t safe for work parties.

Disgruntled Decks

Disgruntled Decks is a card game for military service members and grizzled Veterans who enjoy laughing together about their crazy time in the service.

The founders of Disgruntled Decks strongly believe that humor is healing, and some Veterans still have a good amount of healing left to do. Disgruntled Decks gives one more reason for service members and Veterans to talk about their shared experiences while having fun in the process.

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