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8 Christmas Gifts for Cards Against Humanity Fan Who Has Everything

Cards Aganist Humanity Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for a Cards Against Humanity fan who has every official CAH expansion card pack already? Do you need a Christmas gift that will surprise and delight them?

The check out these seven adult game night party card games inspired by Cards Against Humanity and too much wine. Each of them is a twist on America’s most popular question and answer game for inappropriate group hilarity.

8 Christmas Gifts for Cards Against Humanity Fans

Pick one or all of these games as Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for the Cards Against Humanity fans in your life. They will love these cards for many game nights to come. Most of these card games are on Amazon.

KinderPerfect Adult Party Card Game

Christmas Present CAH FansKinderPerfect is the best Cards Against Humanity-type game for moms and dads. With 400 cards crowdsourced from actual parents, it’s a fun stand-alone game or it can be added to CAH for more fun.

Everyone will be screaming with delight or derision as they answer questions like:

  • Why is daddy in time out again?
  • Signs that you are THAT family.
  • Why I’m an asshole parent.
  • All I want for Christmas is a day without ______.

Get KinderPerfect on Amazon to surprise new parents with tales of poop, puke, and Caillou – the triptych of modern parental terror. Need cards right now? Download our print-at-home PDF!

Disgruntled Decks

Disgruntled Decks is a card game for military service members and grizzled Veterans who enjoy laughing together about their crazy time in the service.

The founders of Disgruntled Decks strongly believe that humor is healing. Some Veterans still have a good amount of healing left to do. Disgruntled Decks gives one more reason for service members and Veterans to talk about their shared experiences while having fun in the process.

A Game for Good Christians

A Game For Good Christians was developed through years of many irreverent and deeply theological conversations, Bible studies, seminary classes, sermons, readings and reflections.

A Game For Good Christians capture stories, characters, and statements from the Bible. Some familiar and comforting, others frightening and confusing. The Bible, like humanity, is messy because it contains the messy relationship between the divine and humanity: a relationship which is humorous and horrifying.

Cads About Matrimony

If you have romantic couples, or newlyweds in your group, then Cads About Matrimony is guaranteed to humiliate your friends and upset your in-laws.

Made for irresponsible lovers with dark, dirty minds, Cads About Matrimony is a classic wedding party game for terrible people to prepare you for the most revolting, amazing, exhausting adventure of your adult life: marriage. Don’t be fooled by the handsome box – this game certainty isn’t safe for work parties.


JadedAid is a new card game for world-weary development workers to be the cynicism they want to see in the world.

Their idea is simple: take the everyday frustrations of working for the Development Industrial Complex (the DIC) and turn them into a prescription for fun! JadedAid incorporates cross-cutting themes like paternalism, chauvinism, and elitism to illuminate the inherent discrimination and dissonance in international development.

JadedAid should be played with copious indigenous alcohol and really good friends. Best if at least one donor is marginalized afterwards. And yes, they have an expansion pack too!

Cards Against Urbanity

Cards Against Urbanity is the card game for horrible places. It replaces all the cards in a Cards Against Humanity deck with jokes by and about urbanists. The cards are less offensive than CAH, but definitely irreverent.

Cards Against Urbanity players can create sentences like “Architects should really pay more attention to _______”, filling in the blank with “a blue-haired amateur historian,” “Mr. Monorail,” or “Peak beard.”

Cards Against Profanity

If you need a game to play with your older kids and grandma, then Cards Against Profanity is a clean, family-friendly spin off of Cards Against Humanity without a specific focus area.

Amazon customer reviews do note that Cards Against Profanity has cards with spiritual and religious themes, which may not work for every crowd of players, but that could be a selling point for you, especially if you like A Game for Good Christians.

Wilted Green

Wilted Green is a party game for the eco-cynic in all of us. They took the concept of Cards Against Humanity and added an environmental twist. Now you can kick off those Birkenstocks, fill up your Nalgene with craft beer, and take a break from saving the planet in good conscience.

Wilted Green is a way to poke fun at favorite overplayed stereotypes, unintentional parodies, and familiar caricatures in the wonderful world of sustainability. After all, you’re not a real environmentalist until you’re using your own poop as compost for your backyard garden.

Each Wilted Green deck brings levity to the kind souls among us who carefully weigh the environmental consequences of every decision they make.

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