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Combine KinderPerfect with Cards Against Humanity for More Fun!

Combine KinderPerfect and Cards Against Humanity

We think KinderPerfect is an awesome game all by itself – its a Top 100 game on Amazon! – however any game can get boring if you don’t mix it up with new ways to play. That’s why we are excited that KinderPerfect fans are adding our game to Cards Against Humanity to create a whole new game for parents.

KinderPerfect cards are the same size as CAH cards. The red cards add spice to the black CAH cards, and since both KinderPerfect and CAH have white answer cards, players can add their ideas into the answer pile without anyone knowing who played a specific card.

Best of all, the combinations are hilarious!

Amazon Reviews of Combining KinderPerfect and Cards Against Humanity

We can tell you how fun it is to mix KinderPerfect and Cards Against Humanity, but don’t take our word for it, here are actual verified purchase Amazon reviews:

Case’s Amazon Reviewbuy kinderperfect card games
Side-splitting! Great gift for parents. I highly-recommend it. It’s a Cards Against Humanity Style game for parents.

Kristy’s Amazon Review
So we bought the game awhile ago because honestly, being a stay at home mom, I need to have a social life. We have a ton of parent friends who would rather drink and play cards then go out so we are so glad we bought this! It’s hilarious!

My “parent friends” and I have a terrible sense of humor. Borderline insane. We play Cards Against Humanity a lot and we like to give each other hell. We have decided that KinderPerfect, for now, is definitely a mom game.

Rooney’s Amazon Review:
When there are no kids around, like on Moms Nights out, I like to combine KinderPerfect with Cards Against Humanity, which creates a whole new, twisted game. The red cards contrast with the black ones, and everyone gets excited when we come back round to them. The white cards play just like CAH white cards, just better for parents. Combined, you get combos that make everyone crack up.

John’s Amazon Review
I love playing Cards Against Humanity, but I usually play with other Dads, and while the game is fun, adding in KinderPerfect makes it way better with questions like: “Why does daddy drink?” or “Why is daddy in timeout again?” or “Signs you are THAT family” Just imagine all the fun answers you can find in a CAH deck! God bess, this is a great game for guys – buy it for your wife, play it with your pals.

Noelle’s Amazon Review:
OMG!!! So. Funny! It’s Cards Against Humanity for parents and if you have kids, you will sh#$ yourself laughing! Please, sir, can i have some more!?

Add KinderPerfect to Cards Against HumanityWhat Are Your Favorite KinderPerfect and CAH Combinations?

Enough of what other people say about our “Cards Against Humanity for Parents.” Tell us which card combinations make you laugh when you mix KinderPerfect with Cards Against Humanity by tagging us on your favorite social media using the #KinderPerfect hashtag.

If we really like your card combination we might just send you something special for your Christmas stocking.

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