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Kinder Perfect is Featured in Fatherly, Bustle, Time Out, and Red Tricycle

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Wow! Look at what the press say about our hilarious game with a unique twist: a parenting-themed Cards Against Humanity! Reading these card game reviews of KinderPerfect shows just how much fun you can have when parents hang out without the kids – or after the little ones are tucked into bed.

The Must Have Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Red Tricycle points out what you should be doing this weekend if you are a parent of young children and you don’t take yourself, or parenting, too seriously – relax with friends and have a crazy fun game night. Shahrzad Warkentin says:

Pour some wine and put the kids to bed because this brand new game night must-have is for parents only. Just in time to fill your best mom friend’s stocking, this parenting-themed party game is going to be epic.

A New Cards Against Humanity Inspired Game

Romper says exactly why parents love our parents party card game: KinderPerfect is how you can laugh about parenting and still feel good about yourself. Mishal Ali Zafar says:

If your precious children have subjected you to days full of non-stop messes, tantrums, and hours upon hours of Caillou, you might just need a break. And whether you are planning on getting together with other parents, or just spending a quiet night in with your partner, this Cards Against Humanity game for parents is exactly what you need. It’s called KinderPerfect, and it is kinda perfect for parents who need a laugh.

Kinder Perfect Is Every Bit As Dark As You Hoped It Would Be

Bustle is quick to point out that Kinder Perfect makes a great gift for new parents at baby showers and family reunions. The questions and answers are instantly relatable for anyone who has kids – and anyone who is their friend. Lucia Peters writes:

I have a lot of friends who are parents — and honestly, the next time I’m in a gift-giving situation with any of them, I might very well gift them the party game Kinder Perfect. It is basically “Cards Against Humanity” for parents — which means that it’s the most relatable of games for anyone who has ever seriously answered the question, “What’s that smell?” with “Eau de baby vomit.”

Bring Out KinderPerfect After Kids Are in Bed

We love that Time Out New York wrote about KinderPerfect as something to do when you’re spending quality time inside with good friends and family and you want to play a game that isn’t quite kid-friendly, because, hey, we all need adult time too! Dorkys Ramos explains:

KinderPerfect has players pairing prompt cards with response cards in their hands. The results are often hysterical, especially if you have players who like to push against the boundaries of what’s inappropriate, and when you add responses like “Eau de baby vomit,” “Pretending your screaming kid does not belong to you” and “Some princess sh*t,” you know it’s going to be a laughing fest.

Cards Against Humanity for Parents is Brilliant!

And finally, thanks to Fatherly for pointing out that we’re coming out with card expansion packs soon, and we need your help to create a great party game for parents. Dave Baldwin says:

If you’re one of those clever parents who consistently comes up with funny witticisms, questions, and answers about the daily rigors of wiping butts and sucking snot, they are currently working on “elementary school” and “tween expansion packs.” And they need your help. You can submit card ideas on their website and if one of your question-and-answer cards makes it in, you get a free game.

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