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3 New KinderPerfect Expansion Card Packs for Parents Game Nights

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Woohoo! Our number one request from parents is here! We now have three new Kinder Perfect expansion card packs for adult game night with moms, dads, grandparents, and other caregivers.

Special Offer: Buy all three expansion packs now and get 33% off retail prices and free USA shipping, but be quick – our discount will end this weekend.
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How We Made Kinder Perfect Expansion Packs

You might be surprised that it takes about nine months to make new card decks for Kinder Perfect as we didn’t want to rush our children into this world without decent preparation. The process for card creation parallels pregnancy in more than just timing too. Here’s what it takes to bring new games into the world.


We started thinking about expansion cards right after our successful Kickstarter. Sound familiar? Yes, we too thought big after birthing our game into the world with a flourish of support. However, producing the next set of kids took longer than we thought. The first kid kept us too busy to procreate until after the second year.

Once we were ready, we asked around about what we should conceive. Should we make a second 400-card game? Or make smaller, more targeted expansion packs? And if so, which topics should we focus on? Baby showers? Moms Night Out? The tween or teen years?


We finally agreed on making three expansion packs. One that would expand the current game, one that would focus on the tween years (and the teen years), and finally a naughty pack for parents who are more edgy.

Then came the fun part – coming up with hilarious cards that would make everyone in the group laugh at adult game night. Here we had a secret weapon – you! Our loving fans and customers came through with hundreds of card suggestions on all three topics and more.


We had topics, we had card ideas, but which ones would be funny enough to print and sell? Deciding which cards are the best is the real labor! We once again went back to you, our fans, and sponsored dozens of game nights across the USA and Canada to test out the cards.

We have to admit, we weren’t always happy with the test results. Cards that we thought kinder perfect, were tossed aside by play testers, and cards we though duds were loved. Oh well, humor is subjective, so we took your feedback and did what every parent does – kept some, ignored others, and tried to be the best parent we could with the mess left over.

Then we sent the cards off to the printer, wrote them a VERY BIG CHECK and waited for our little loved ones to arrive.


Oh wow! All that effort. All the sweat and tears. All the sleepless nights wondering what we go ourselves into… It all disappeared when we had three beautiful expansion packs on Amazon.

They are on sale too!.

Now we get to send them out into the world, thanks to you and Amazon, to make your next game night a roaring success. May you enjoy these creations as your own – because they are! Every single KinderPerfect card is crowdsourced from actual parents like you and us, and play tested by even more, to create parent-loved party card games for us all!

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