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Mother’s Day Would Not Be Complete Without…

mothers day would not be complete without

Introducing KinderPerfect Card Stories

Every KinderPerfect card comes straight from the daily experience of parents just like you. In fact, many of our cards are crowdsourced – submitted by you and reviewed by your fellow parents. There are also cards that come right from our own journey of parental discovery with Hanalei and Archer.

Most cards originated with funny stories that make playing the game even more hilarious when you know its backstory. We’re going to introduce our KinderPerfect Card Stories series will the tale of how we came up a special card featured in our new Expansion Packs that you can get now in our 33% Off Sale with Free Shipping.

Mother’s Day would not be complete without…

When we were designing the More Expansion Pack – 100 new cards to laugh a modern parenting – we were looking for fun question cards that would evoke the insanity we all feel when trying to keep a smile as our little one hands us a booger.

buy kinderperfect gamesWhile looking through the 130+ hilarious answers to the question, “All I want for Valentines Day is..” in our Facebook card creation contest, Mr. Kinder Perfect was reminded that he is a serial Valentines Day failure.

Not once has he done roses and wine or even dinner and a movie on February 14th. We’ll not bore you with his lame excuses – we’re sure you’ve heard plenty – but as he hung his head in shame, we realized he also failed at another important holiday: Mother’s Day.

He doesn’t call his mom, he doesn’t send her a card, and he barely remembers to do something for his wife, the mother of his children. That’s why she demanded that this card be added to the More Expansion Pack: “Mother’s Day would not be complete without ______.”

This way, every time Mr. Kinder Perfect plays the Cards Against Humanity for Parents he would remember that the second Sunday of May (May 12, 2019) is Mother’s Day, and he damn well better get Mrs. Kinder Perfect something nice this year.

Remind the Men In Your Life

Oh and moms, be sure to forward this post on to the fathers and sons in your life, so they will not repeat Mr. Kinder Perfect’s mistake. They don’t need to get you KinderPerfect Expansion Packs, but they can get you something nice.

If they want help, send them to Amazon’s Mother’s Day Gift Shop, where they can find wonderful mementos of your tireless dedication to motherhood, like:

Of course, they could always do the laundry, clean dishes, or better yet, look after the kids while you have an awesome Mom’s Night Out with these five games.

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