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School Fundraiser Donation Request for Free KinderPerfect Card Games

school donation fundraising giveaway

  • Are you trying to raise funds for your public school in the USA or Canada, or supporting organization, like a Parent Teacher Organization or Parent Teacher Association?
  • Do you want a fun donated product for your silent auction, raffle, prize giveaway, or fundraising event to generate community donations?
  • Will your fellow moms, dads, and guardians love a Cards Against Humanity… for Parents?

Then you should apply now for a free KinderPerfect card game for your school fundraiser, and be that cool parent with the best prize on the donation table.

Free KinderPerfect Games for Your School Fundraiser

As parents of school-age children ourselves, we know how important it is to fund raise for your school and PTO or PTA. Every year, we do our best to find corporate donations from national, regional, and local companies to support our school fundraisers.

That’s why we’d like to help you raise money for your school with a free KinderPerfect parents party card game for your school donation drive. We will be giving away 10 KinderPerfect games each month to public schools, and their supporting nonprofit organizations, in the USA and Canada.

If you are fundraising for a public school with a National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) ID number or a PTA/PTO, school booster club, etc that is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit (USA) or T3010 Registered Charity (Canada), please fill out the following form to be eligible for our donation.

We will award free games on a rolling basis to winners across North America to support educational activities for elementary and secondary schools. We are offering free shipping, but please be patient. Allow two weeks for notification of your donation status and another two weeks for delivery – so 4 weeks in total from when you submit your donation application. We are working parents too!

KinderPerfect School Fundraising Application

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