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Can You Buy KinderPerfect Games at Target Retail Stores?

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Millennial moms want to buy KinderPerfect card games at Target retail stories so much that “KinderPerfect Target” is one of our most popular Google search results. We totally understand the desire to shop for KinderPerfect at and in Target’s brick and mortar retail stores.

Can You Buy KinderPerfect at Target?

You can buy the main KinderPerfect adult party card game online at several websites. We sell KinderPerfect on our website. You can also buy KinderPerfect on or with free 2-day shipping, for delivery in the UK and across Europe, and eBay for worldwide shipping.

We also recently gave birth to three new expansion packs to keep the fun going all night long.

You can buy all three expansion card packs directly from us for 33% Off and Free 2-Day Shipping!

However, you cannot buy any KinderPerfect games on or in Target retail stores, which is very frustrating to us. KinderPerfect speaks to Millennial moms, the core Target retail customer.

Millennial Moms Love KinderPerfect

We know exactly who loves KinderPerfect the most: Millennial Moms. Over 50% of our customers are married moms age 25-34 with at least 1 child in cities like Minneapolis, MN. San Antonio, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, and San Diego, CA. About 30% of our customers are moms 35-44 years old with 2 kids in cities like Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Sunnyvale, CA, and  Tempe, AZ.

These are moms who are doing their best to navigate modern parenting, but don’t take themselves too seriously. They have high aspirations for their children, as all parents do, but they are realists about what we can really do for our kids, ourselves, and our families. Our customers love the Scary Mommy blog and most love playing Cards Against Humanity.

Millennial Moms Love Target

Target has the biggest share of millennial shoppers of any of the major retailers, according to market research firms, and over 60% of Target’s base shoppers are female. Target shoppers are also younger that its peers, with over 60% of Target’s shoppers are between the age of 18 and 44.

These shoppers are generally richer than shoppers at other retailers, with 25- to 34-year-olds who shop at Target making around $65,000 annually, and 25% of their customers making over $100,000 a year.

We know this at KinderPerfect, because many Millennial moms submitted card ideas about going to Target for a mini-vacation from their kids and families. In fact, we think Target should open “secret” wine bars in their stores just for moms to take a real break from family life.

Our 2019 Goal: KinderPerfect Sold at Target Stores

While KinderPerfect is at Top 30 Adult Card Game on, we would really love to see KinderPerfect for sale in Target retail stores.

We think it would be a high performing Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG), especially if it was displayed next to Cards Against Humanity, or even better, as an endcap in the wine isle, or next to a nice bottle of Pinot Noir for the perfect addition to Moms Night Out.

We would be happy to work with Target wholesale buyers to make sure its in-store and online retail experience is protected from other retailers, including our own sales on We’d love to hear from Target via email, and if you know someone, who knows someone at Target, please let us know.

Our goal for 2019 is for you to be able to buy KinderPerfect at Target retail stores this Christmas.

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