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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Cards Against Humanity Dads

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Father’s Day with Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is the best gift idea for for men. Guys love laughing at the hilarious and sassy Question and Answer cards. CAH can also be an amazing Father’s Day present – just look at the cards like:

Q: Daddy, why is mommy crying?

  • Daddy issues.
  • My real father, who died when I was seven.
  • Walking in on Dad peeing into Mom’s mouth.

We love getting CAH for our baby’s daddy, because us moms love the game too. Especially after the second bottle of wine. Or coffee, gin, and Xanax.

Gift Ideas for Cards Against Humanity Dads

buy kinderperfect gamesWhat to get the men in our life who have everything – and love Cards Against Humanity?

Kinder Perfect is Cards Against Humanity for fathers – every day. My husband created the 400-card game for dads to play with us moms, with question cards like:

  • Why is daddy in time out again?
  • Daddy’s worst nightmare.
  • Don’t tell Daddy about ______.

You can pair those question cards (and more!) with awesome answer cards like:

  • Daddy’s Grindr account
  • “Daddy said I could”
  • Finding out your nanny is a stipper

KinderPerfect is family friendly, with PG-13 question and answer cards that are relatively safe for dads to read aloud, though keep a look-out for little ears who shouldn’t be hearing the card stories each answer will evoke.

More Fun: KinderPerfect Expansion Packs

Best of all, in addition to our main 400-card game, we now have three expansion packs for your Father’s Day fun. The dad in your life will love:

Special Offer: Buy all three expansion packs now and get 33% off retail prices and free USA shipping. We also ship expansion packs worldwide – even Australia, Canada, and the UK – so you can give your man a box of laughter this Father’s Day.

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