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Grab Our Happy Birthday 65% OFF Sale – We’re 4 Years Old!

happy birthday sale

We turned 4 years old this year – celebrate with our Happy Birthday Sale!

Way back in early 2016 we were playing Cards Against Humanity with our parent friends. We thought it could use more parenting-themed cards. We came up with a few card ideas that everyone loved so much, they told us we should make a full-sized game for parents.

Almost on a lark, we launched a Kickstarter to see if anyone would be interested in a Cards Against Humanity-type game for parents. Wow! We were happily surprised with over $20,000 in seed funding from other moms and dads to give birth to KinderPerfect, the parents party card game.

After a few months of preparation and printing, we were shipping the original KinderPerfect game in July 2016, exactly four years ago. Quickly, KinderPerfect found an audience with parents and became a Top 100 Card Game on Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.

KinderPerfect Growth

With your support, KinderPerfect has grown over the years from the original 200 card game exploring Calliou and placenta eating into a massive 400-card game with three expansion packs of 100 cards each exploring all aspects of the parenting voyage of discovery. Our four games now include:

Each of these games is now on our website, Amazon USA, and eBay for your gaming pleasure. KinderPerfect is regularly featured in major press and websites, including Scary Mommy, Bustle, PopSugar, and TimeOut.

Grab Our Birthday 65% OFF Sale

We are celebrating our 4-year anniversary with a special birthday bundle sale. All 4 of our games at 65% off our retail price. Best of all, there are two ways you can buy our birthday bundle sale:

Regardless of where you buy KinderPerfect, all 4 games are just $24.99. Our party card game for parents will give you hours of hilarious laughter as you ask other parents why mommy drinks or why daddy is in time out, again!

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